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Dr Carolyn Berry

Dr Carolyn Berry is the Medical Director and Founder of Firvale Clinic in Southampton, she grew up in Belfast and studied medicine at Queens University Belfast.  She has been a partner at a number of GP practices and was a trainer and examiner for trainee General Practitioners. 

Her interest in Cosmetic treatments started many years before the founding of Firvale Clinic and she has been practicing in the field for over 25 years.

Dr Berry encourages clients to expect the best treatments.

"Firvale Clinic is about providing the highest quality aesthetic medical care and respecting the needs and wishes of the patient."

Dr. Carolyn Berry

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“When I founded Firvale Clinic I wanted to provide my patients with a new type of environment that was not only at the cutting edge of Aesthetic Medicine but that also gave them a relaxing and homely environment in which to have their procedures. People are naturally nervous when having any medical treatment and with the help of our environment and Staff at Firvale Clinic we strive to reduce this, giving the patient an all together more relaxing and enjoyable experience as well as the best medical outcome available.

I also firmly believe that although the patient knows what they want, I am there to guide and advise them through the process and hopefully steer them in the direction of the most natural looking result.”

To this end Dr Carolyn Berry and the other Clinic staff dedicate a large amount of time to researching the best products and equipment, ensuring that at all times the Clinic is at the cutting edge of its field. New and proven developments are always being adopted to give the patient the best possible choices in treatments and the areas covered are always expanding. All the staff are conversant with the procedures and most have had at least one or more and so can advise from first hand knowledge about all those little questions we want to ask but don’t.

Firvale Clinic is one of only a few clinics in the UK at present offering the full “Madonna” eye lift procedure made famous recently in America by Dr. Bruce Katz. Dr. Berry has refined the procedure now to the point that fewer treatments and down time are required and has also presented her findings and treatments at “FACE” the largest aesthetic medical conference in the UK.

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