Scar Treatment and Repair

Dr Carolyn Berry and Firvale Clinic are at the forefront of developments in Scar Treatment and Repair using combined methods to get the best results and minimising the appearance of scars. Whilst we can not guarantee to remove a scar we can help treat it and make it less noticeable to you and to others.

At Firvale Clinic Dr Berry uses a combination of treatments to reduce Scar Tissue and appearance.

These are

The combining of each of these methods will achieve the best Scar Treatment and Repair results for our patients and is on a totally one off and bespoke basis depending on the type of scarring and desired results.

Further information on each of these can be found on our treatments page but it is the combined effect that makes the difference.

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“Scars are much more widespread in the community than anyone realises, we hide them very well. They vary from a small scar perhaps caused by a BCG vaccination to a large abdominal scars from multiple surgeries. What I have realised is that they often mark a traumatic or significant event in an individual’s life. This means that as well as the physical manifestation the scar has often got a deep psychological component.

The depth of the psychological scar is not always related to the depth of the physiological scar. Whilst treating the physical scar doesn’t always treat the psychological scar, it can be at least a start in the healing process.

I see many scars on a daily basis, some of them coincidentally when treating something else. I am amazed by the number of iatrogenic scars. I have several patients with terrible face lift scars. Caesarian section scars are a common complaint, these often present with a bulbous area of fat above the scar due to the reflecting of the fat during the surgery and this is very distressing for the woman trying to reclaim her pre-baby figure as no matter what she does, she can’t move this pouch of fat. I tend to treat these with Coolsculpting®, freezing of the fat and causing permanent fat removal and have found this works very well.

My favourite method for Scar Treatment and Repair is the CO2 resurfacing laser using a fractional ablative beam. This invariably helps most scars and sets in motion a period of regeneration of tissue. I rarely however now use this alone as I have found that plasma rich protein really aids the treatment and the release of growth factor from the platelets seems to speed up and maximise the regenerative process. I tend to inject the PRP under the area that I have lasered. This I have found works quite well even for stretch marks, that elusive old foe. I also use this technique to improve face lift scars and have achieved very pleasing results.

Dermaroller® works well for acne scars but the pock marks themselves require more active needling with Dermastamp® or I have even used our precision plus machine for semi-permanent to break down the pit. Again I find boosting this with PRP takes the results up a step.

Masking scars with Semi-permanent can certainly help and mastoplexy scars respond well with areola tattooing, likewise face lift scars can be blended, as they are often lighter than the surrounding tissue and skin coloured pigment can make them look better.

My impression is that we have to keep pushing the boundaries and striving for better results. We need to keep thinking outside the box, incorporating mechanisms of stimulating new skin regeneration. All the time remembering that we aim to improve but never risk making the scar worse. Being safe and responsible is paramount and important for building the trust of the public and our patients.”

Dr Carolyn Berry, Clinical Director, Firvale Clinic