Madonna Eye Lift

Madonna looks amazing for a woman of 61. Her skin is flawless, her jaw is taut, but what is most impressive is that perfect skin around her eyes. The brow is beautifully arched, but not too high, there is no evidence of crows feet and the lower eyelid shows no signs of puffiness. This “perfect eye” has inspired the “ Madonna Eye Lift ”.

This technique was first developed by Dr. Bruce Katz of New York and there is speculation as to whether Madonna has actually had this treatment.

Dr. Katz used a fractional CO2 laser, Cynosure’s smart skin and has written about his findings in a US journal.

Inspired by Dr. Katz’s work, at Firvale Clinic I have developed this technique into the extended “Madonna eyelift” with Cynosure’s latest fractional laser, the Performa. The Performa provides perfect technology for maximising the “Madonna eyelift”. The Performa has a scanning hand piece and perfect adaptability to maximise the results produced. The laser produces microscopic thermal wounds, surrounded by islands of normal tissue, allowing faster healing and reduced risk of adverse effects.

Botox is an effective treatment but it can only take rejuvenation of the eyes so far and does not address the loss of elasticity and fine wrinkles around the eyelid. There has also been a lot of ridicule of the excessive elevation of celebrities brows by the unskilled use of Botox. Surgical techniques have complications such as over-correction and distortion of the eyelid, together with risks associated with any surgery.

“The Madonna eyelift” can rejuvenate the wrinkles, loose skin and dark circles around the eye. It also lifts the upper eyelid skin and brow and tightens the lower eyelid skin to prevent crepiness and puffiness. The procedure is relatively safe and produces very natural results by rejuvenating the tissue of the lids.

At Firvale Clinic the procedure is performed by a physician. Numbing anesthetic cream is applied to the eyelids and surrounding tissue. Anesthetic drops are then placed in the eyes and corneal shields inserted under the eyelids to afford ultimate protection to the eye.

The Performa is then set appropriately and I modify settings based on my assessment of the patient’s skin and age. I extend on Katz’s technique to include the skin above and beside the brow. I find this gives me more lift of the brows. Patients are very comfortable throughout this procedure and we apply cooling air with the smart cool (Cynosure) to minimize pain.

Antibiotic ointment is used for 3-4 days after the procedure and an anti-viral if they are prone to herpes simplex.

The patients down time is typically 2-3 days when they will have some redness and puffiness surrounding the eye.

Dr Bruce Katz recommends 1-4 treatments, with the improved method at Firvale Clinic the majority of patients can be treated in 1-2 sessions. The patient will typically have an improvement 1 week after treatment but the full effects will take up to 3 months.

The procedure is very well tolerated and patient satisfaction is very high.