Laser Skin Resurfacing

With the Performa ® CO2 microablative workstation, offering a treatment that does two things at once: resurface skin and rejuvenate collagen.

Firvale Clinic, in Southampton, is one of a very few clinics in the country let alone Southampton offering Laser Skin Resurfacing.

Treatments For:

  • Fine to Deep Wrinkles
  • Advanced Photo-aging
  • Skin Laxity and Texture
  • Pigmented Lesions
  • Acne Scars
  • Post operative scaring


The Performa ® laser is an ablative/micro ablative laser. In simple terms this means that it uses pulsed laser light to resurface the skin removing small amounts of the surface layers to reveal fresh new and rejuvenated skin underneath and causing new skin to form. The procedure also increases the skins production of collagen which in turn plumps ageing skin removing and filling wrinkles in the process.

Added effects of the procedure are that it reduces the effects of sun damage and any skin pigmentation caused over the years by our love of the sun, and it also increase the tightness of the skin helping to firm up treated areas.


Before and after pictures of skin resurfacing can be seen below and speak for themselves. It takes about 1 week for the effects to become noticeable and this will develop further over the next 3 months.

Down Time

Down time is always a question on everyone’s mind. As the Performa ® is an ablative system there is some down time. In most cases this is about 3-4 days until the effect resemble mild sunburn with all effects gone by the end of 7 days. This will vary from patient to patient and the type of work carried out.

However the benefit from this type of procedure against the non-ablative treatment is very noticeable for only a few more days of down time.