Laser Skin Pigmentation Removal

Laser Pigmentation Treatment.

Firvale Clinic in Southampton, uses the Elite® Laser to carry out most types of  Laser Skin Pigmentation Removal treatment. This pulses laser light onto the area breaking up the pigmentation under the skin. The treated area will initially go darker and then as it heals the natural skin will come through pigment free. Laser Skin Pigmentation Removal is relatively pain free but can have a slight burning sensation afterwards and a feeling of tightness around the site.

What is Skin Pigmentation

Skin pigmentation varies widely in type from the birth mark through to sun damage in the form of freckle like sunspots large and small. Sunspots are mainly found in the areas that we like to expose to the sun on holiday. They generally have the appearance of freckles and over time this can expand and detract from the look of the area they effect. In the case of birth marks these can be almost anywhere and vary in size from very small almost pinpoints up to large blotches which although not uncomfortable many feel them unsightly. Caution does need to be used when looking to have these removed as there is always the possibility of the mark being a mole or similar.