Laser Hair Removal

At Firvale Clinic we use the CynoSure Elite® Laser System which Provides Permanent and Painless Freedom from the hassles of unwanted body hair.

The laser hair removal/reduction is relatively painless and quick with no after effects leaving you free to feel comfortable with yourself.

The treatment works by using laser light to remove the hair follicles in the treated area and thus provides a permanent solution to unwanted hair.

Cynosure Laser Hair Removal will work with all skin types and colours

The process is cooled by a large air conditioning unit to remove any sensation of heat. In general it is painless although some discomfort may be felt in particularly sensitive areas. It can best be likened to the sensation of an elastic band being “pinged” on the area.

During the process you will be wearing either large protective goggles or if the facial area is treated small metal eye cups are used

Due to the nature of hair growth the procedure will have to be carried out a couple of times as each hair grows in a cycle of normally 5-6 follicles each of which has to be destroyed for permanent results. Also different skin types may have to have additional treatments.

Once this is done you should be hair and hassle free indefinitely however on occasion some may be missed or you may have a few stubborn hairs that will have to be treated at a later date.

From experience we have found that after one treatment people often think that the laser hair removal has been totally successful due to the excellent results achieved. However due to the above this will only last until the next growth cycle. Due to this at Firvale Clinic we advise booking a course as in the long term it will work out less expensive for the client than individual treatments and will have a better result.