Semi permanent make-up is a rapidly developing area of cosmetic treatments and a beautiful method of accentuating wonderful skin.

The concept is to waken up looking fantastic, with beautiful and natural accentuated brows, eyes. More men are now helping their appearance with liners for eyes and brows, its even got its own name now of Guy Liner. Semi-Permanent make up take the hassle out of having to do it every day and also makes it less obvious that you are using make up.

Great for busy people to minimise time required to get ready in the morning, for the gym, swimming or the busy man. It can also be used for those with medical conditions such as alopecia or chemotherapy patients. Hair can be drawn in to make the loss less noticeable and improve your appearance.

The make-up is tailored to the client’s requirements and varies from a very natural look to full make-up. This can be used for those with very sparse brows to really brings out the eyes or it can be used to give a permanent eye line so not only do you wake up made up but your time getting ready is dramatically reduced.

Another major use for Semi-Permanent make up is blending in scars both from accidents or surgery. If you have had Pec Implants for example it can be used to blent the scars so no one will spot them.

Semi Permanent make-up will usually last for 2-3 years and generally requires 2 treatments 1 month apart. In some cases there is the need for some top up especially if particularly strong colours are being used but this can easily and quickly be done.


Why not "Wake Up with Make-Up"