For Him Not Just For Her

Most men tend to ignore their skin and allow the onset of ageing to occur. For what ever reason its always easy to turn back the clock and present a better you. Most of the common problems that men have can easily be remedied here at Firvale Clinic and we take prided in offering the best treatments for both of the sexes

"Isn't it time to bring out the best in you"


The Common Problems and their Solutions

Excessive Sweating

This highly embarrassing problem can be treated with Botox in most cases to reduce the excessive levels.

Oily Skin/Dry Skin

Both of these conditions can be treated with a combination of Micro-dermabrasion peels and the correct moisturising and skin care products, all of which are available at the Clinic.

Medical Dermabrasion

is a mechanical exfoliation procedure. It is very effective in a course of treatment to improve fine lines and wrinkles and pigmentation or as a maintenance regime once skin has been improved. To improve fine lines and wrinkles, it typically takes 6 treatments with 1-2 weeks apart. Maintenance of monthly treatments is recommended.

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels are experiencing a resurgence of use as they become more sophisticated with fewer complications. Peels are an excellent method of skin regeneration. In the past length of down time could be a problem but now it is not necessary to use such aggressive peels and the same results can be achieved with virtually no down time.

Dermaroller/ Dermastamp

A Dermaroller is a handheld device that uses extra fine needles (microneedles) to penetrate the skin. It works by ‘tricking’ the body into activating its own natural healing process. This diminishes wrinkles and scarring naturally leaving a fresher and healthier skin.


Skinn is a specially formulated skin care range for men. Developed in Australia it is one of the leading skin care ranges for men only and has everything you need from shaving creams through to intense moisturisers. Our staff will be happy to advise you on the best combination for your skin.


The Jan Marini Skin Care Range offer a number of facial washes and cleansers that can be used to help treat either dry or oily skin. They range from exfoliants and daily light peels to intense moisturisers. For more details ask our staff to advise you on which regime is right for you.