What do scars, stretch marks and wrinkles have in common? The answer: A lack of collagen in the skin. The good news is that a derma roller can help to repair these problems and others by creating new collagen.

So what is dermaroller and how does it work?

A Dermaroller is a handheld device that uses extra fine needles (microneedles) to penetrate the skin. It works by ‘tricking’ the body into activating its own natural healing process.

As you roll the Dermaroller backwards and forwards over the skin (known as skin needling), the microneedles create thousands of tiny skin pricks. Although this process causes very little actual damage, the body perceives a trauma nonetheless and a self-healing mechanism is triggered. New collagen and elastin is created – these are fibers within the skin responsible for its strength, flexibility and elasticity. When this process is repeated over time, the skin becomes thicker and damage is gradually repaired.

Using a Dermaroller also increases the blood supply to the skin. A good blood supply is needed for cell regeneration and slows down ageing, it also gives us that youthful glow!

Another advantage to using a Dermaroller is that it can boost the power of your skin products, making them work much more effectively. The micro-channels in the skin created by the Dermaroller’s needles allow active ingredients to penetrate to deeper skin layers where they are really needed. (Don’t worry - these micro-channels close up within a couple of hours of treatment).

When used long-term, skin needling can produce results that are comparable to other treatments such as laser resurfacing and acid peels. However unlike these harsher treatments, the Dermaroller keeps the outer layer of the skin intact, so there is virtually no "downtime" involved and no risk of hyperpigmentation.

Here at Firvale Clinic we regularly use the Dermaroller system and have excellent results with it. However certain levels of skin complaints can not always be treated with this method as sucessfully as with our lasers. During you initial consultation Dr Berry always carries out assessments for the best course of treatment. All the options available will be fully discussed and you will then have the choice of which you want to have.

Conditions that can be improved with a derma roller:

• Ageing – lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, dull skin

• Scars

• Stretch marks

• Sun damage

• Uneven skin tone & pigmentation spots

• Cellulite

• Hair loss