Chemical Peels

Firvale Clinic offers a wide range of the latest Chemical skin peels to suit all your needs

Chemical Peels are experiencing a resurgence of use as they become more sophisticated with fewer complications. Peels are an excellent method of skin regeneration. Typically one of the problems in the past was length of down time but now it is not necessary to use such aggressive peels and the same results can be achieved with virtually no down time.

Glycolic peels

Light peels, although can still achieve really good results if used over a period of time as a course. They are particularly useful for younger skins to improve fine lines and wrinkles and skin texture. Strengths are 40% and 70% and without doubt, optimum results are achieved with a course of 3 to 6 and in conjunction with specialist skin care.

Lactic acid peels

Less irritant than glycolic peels and improve fine lines and wrinkles, tone and texture but are probably best reserved for the under 40's

Beta-hydroxy acid peels

Very good for improving acne as they aid skin renewal and alter the sebum profile and unclog pores.

Trichloro acetic acid peels

Good for the over 40's or for very sun damage and pigmented skins. They improve skin fine lines and wrinkles and a course progressing from 4% to 12% can give dramatic results. Higher percentages are not recommended as they will inevitably require the patient to take at least a week of work and the same results can be achieved with several spaced at about 2 weeks apart..

Ascorbic acid peels

The peels of choice for darker skins and are good for pigmentation.